How To Fix ?Can?t Establish A Reliable Connection? Wi-Fi Problem on Android

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A guide on fixing a common Wi-Fi problem on Android phones and tablets

A lot of us have grown attached to our mobile devices that we swear we couldn?t live a minute without touching those smooth little screens. But what if our Android devices are unable to connect to the all-important Wi-Fi network? Do we need to retire to our lonely bed and bid farewell to this world? Not so fast! According to a clever XDA dev, if we encounter a certain Wi-Fi problem (more on that below) there?s an easy workaround that will lead us back to the delightful arms of the digital world.

The problem

Have you ever seen this pesky, infuriating note every time you try to connect your Android phone or tablet to a Wi-Fi network?

Can't establish a reliable connection Wi-Fi problem on Android (Image courtesy of XDA Developers)

Can’t establish a reliable connection Wi-Fi problem on Android (Image courtesy of XDA Developers)

Turns out you?re not the only one who is suffering from this hellish Wi-Fi problem, a lot of users are also crying foul that the popular XDA site decided to feature a cool new fix in their portal news. This fix is brought to us by an XDA Senior Member named ?inaqi69? who believed that it?s time to end this unwelcome misery once and for all. The method doesn?t require that your device should be rooted and only involves a handful of easy changes on your handset?s configuration. For the full instructions along with screenshots for each step, head over to this forum thread. But if you?re not the visual type, you can just follow the procedure we provided below.

Steps on how to fix this Android Wi-Fi problem

  • The first step is to connect to a Wi-Fi network. If you?re already connected (but sporadically encounter this Wi-Fi problem), then you need to disconnect and connect again using the following steps.
  • Choose a network and enter the password. Tick the box next to ?Show advanced options.?
  • Change the IP Settings Static.
  • Type down the IP address already shown, but grayed out, in the box.
  • Do the same for the Gateway option, Network Prefix Length, DNS 1, and DNS 2.
  • After entering all of them, tap on Connect.
  • You should now be connected to the Wi-Fi successfully.


Photo Credit: ?J.Endriga, XDA Developers

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