How to find your Android: Smartphone and Tablet edition

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If Apple has Find My iPhone that can work with any iOS device, Google and Android made sure to create their own version of this service with the Android Device Manager. What used to be a third-party solution is now natively-available on your Android phone and tablet.

Keep in mind, though, that your device needs to have location services activated and permission from you that allows Google to look through your data.

So here?s how to find your Android smartphone or tablet using Android Device Manager:

1. On your Android phone, go to Google Settings>Android Device Manager

2. Check ?Remotely locate this device? and ?Allow remote lock and erase?.

3. On a browser, go to Google Device Manager on the Android website and register your device there. You?ll be asked to log in to your Google account and allow your device to be located remotely. Click ?Accept?.

4. Congratulations! You have now set up your Android smartphone or tablet for remote location services using Google.

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So whenever you want to find your Android device, here?s what you do:

Go to the Google Device Manager on the Android website and open up the service to find your Android smartphone or tablet. From there, you can do the following

Location : you can find your device anywhere in the world with Google Maps. This is just an approximate location, though, and if you misplaced the phone in your house or office, you can?t get the exact location. If your device isn?t online, it will show you it?s last known location and ping the service to show the current location when it comes back online.

Ring: you can make your device ring at the highest volume for 5 minutes in case you need to find it anywhere in your 30-room mansion.

Lock: your phone can be locked down so your personal data and information doesn?t get viewed or compromised. Keep in mind that a hard reset can override the lock but will erase the data anyway. Select the ?Lock? option on the Android Device Manager website, enter your Google password twice and your Android will be locked when it comes online.

Erase Device: If you know that your device has been lost, your foremost concern should be to erase your data. Some criminal elements can access your financial and personal information through your phone.

As you may have noticed, the native Android device locator doesn?t have the option to brick the device or render it unusable unlike Apple?s Find my iPhone.

We hope you now know how to find your Android smartphone or tablet and have taken the steps to keep your information safe!

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