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How to Farm Forgotten Souls: Diablo 3 RoS

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When Diablo 3 RoS rolled in, the hottest crafting item out there became the Forgotten Soul. This is because you need at least one in every Legendary crafted item.

You can also be sure that you might have to craft something more than once so you can roll better stats on it.

If you plan to reroll your items with Myriam, you?re going to be in for more Forgotten Soul farming. Knowing how to farm Forgotten Souls is going to make your crafting and rerolling much easier when the new Diablo 3 RoS patch comes along.


How to farm Forgotten Souls most effectively? Sadly, there isn?t a quick cheat or paradise filled with Forgotten Souls (who would forget that?). Still, there are ways to optimize your farming. Here are some ways:

1. Lower your difficulty settings to Torment 1. Keep in mind that you?re JUST FARMING FORGOTTEN SOULS. If you?re planning to farm something else along with the soul, don?t do this. But if you want to get them the fastest, use Torment 1 so your kill speed is at maximum.

2. Farm them in Rifts. There is no better way to farm Forgotten Souls than in Nephalem Rifts. This time, though, don?t go for the Rift boss at once. Look? for the elites and farm them for souls as well. Still, the Rift boss is the best monster to get the Forgotten Souls from.

3. Gamble with Kadala. Another source of Forgotten Souls is the salvaging of Legendary Items. Even if you get trash Legendary Items from Kadala such as the Compass Rose, you can always farm them for the souls.

So there you have it, the best way on how to farm forgotten souls. If you have any other way on how to do this, drop me a comment and I?ll test it out with my monk!

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