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How to Farm Bounty-only Legendary Items the Quickest Way on Diablo 3 RoS

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Aside from the great gold rewards from Diablo 3 RoS bounties, there are some awesome Legendary Items found in Horadric Caches. One of these is the Ring of Royal Grandeur that reduces by 1 the number of items you need in a set to activate the set bonus.

Another awesome item is the Pauldrons of the Skeleton King, which acts like a monk?s Near-death Experience passive. When you die, you can proc back to 25% life and instantly make your enemies flee.

But completing Horadric Cache quests can take quite a while especially if you don?t know how to optimize your runs.

1. Play with a party that has killed the most monsters in the least amount of time. You?d need a set of players with enough skill to go through mobs and monsters on their own. If you plan to play in a party, make sure that you all have roughly the same skill, level and gear setup so no one feels left behind or dragged down.

2. Once a bounty starts, separate and finish all the Bounties you can at the same time. If you have the same skill, gear and level, you?ll finish roughly at the same time then meet up for the last missions. This cuts down the time spent getting the cache at the end of the Bounty.


3. Do not open any chests or destroy urns, jars or vessels. Keep in mind that you?re farming the item in the cache and not anything else. Unless you?re required by the bounty to open the chest, leave it alone. This tip relies on a theory that the longer you go without a Legendary item drop, the chances of getting an item in the cache at the end of the Bounty rises. While this hasn?t been proven, I?ve acquired the item I wanted from the cache within three full Bounties playing with this theory in mind.

4. Do not open the caches at once. While the items are rolled when you receive the Horadric Cache, it?s better not to waste time opening bags and instead wait for at least 5 loot bags. This way, your Legendary Item drop is still high when you open them and you may get two rings or Legendary Items to choose from when you open a lot of bags.

I have used this method and was able to farm a Ring of Royal Grandeur from just three bags. I got my ring just under 2 hours of farming with my non-DPS monk.


Try this method out and leave me a comment on how it works! I just have to remind you that RNG may not always be on your side and this method was determined mostly by Diablo 3 RoS theory crafters.

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