How to Easily Recover Lost Contacts From Android Phone

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Have you ever felt frustrated because you just discovered that all of your contacts are gone and the messages being sent to your inbox all come from ?unknown digits?

Whether you accidentally deleted all of your contacts or just intentionally deleted one but decided to have it back without asking for that person?s number again, I would say that maybe it?s your lucky day today, for I will show you how to recover your lost contacts in just a few easy steps. All thanks to the app called Android Recovery System.

Android Recovery System enables you to restore all of your recently deleted contacts and other rubbed out files including messages, photos and videos. But before it can work, you must download the tool first in your personal computer or laptop. It has two different versions, one for Windows and one for Mac. You can find it on the internet for free.

Once you have installed the recovery tool, you must connect your phone to your computer or laptop and turn your USB debugging on. There are different ways to allow USB debugging depending on what version of android you will use.

For Android 2.3 and older versions, go to your ?Settings?, click ?Applications?, then ?Development? and check for ?USB debugging.?

For Android 3.0 up to 4.1, go to your phone?s Settings, click the Developer Options then USB Debugging. While for Android 4.2 and above, go to Settings, enter About Phone, then click Build Number a few times till it says that you are under the developer mode. When you get there, you must go back to Settings, find the Development Options button and there you will see the USB Debugging.

After you enable USB debugging, your device will now be detected. Click ?Start? and wait until your phone scan is finished. Enter ?Allow? as the message appears on the screen asking for your permission to complete the process. As you go back to the program, click the ?Start? button again and let your Android be scanned for your lost contacts.

Just after the scanning process, it will show a preview of all of your deleted files categorized to contacts, messages, gallery, videos, audios and documents. Now, you have the time to check the data you wanted to restore and finally save them on to your computer and have it back again.

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