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How To Download WhatsApp Manually & Activate Calling Feature

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Reports claim that an official-looking but fake WhatsApp invite is being used by culprits to spread malware. (Image via Whatsapp.com)

The latest version of WhatsApp supports the elusive voice calling feature that so many users have been waiting for so long. Sadly, the messenger?s current version that is available from app repositories such as Google Play and App Store won?t be able to exhibit such feature as it is still not official. The even sadder part is that voice calls are still being tested and are under an invite-only process, although some third-party developers have come up with their own workarounds (with varying success).

Having said those, we?re here to show you how you can manually install the app?s latest version so you?re ready to activate the calling feature if ever the WhatsApp team decides to distribute invites again.

Installing WhatsApp without Google Play

Due to the nature of the iOS platform, sideloading any application outside the App Store is impossible unless you jailbreak your device. As such, we?ll only show you how to do it for Android handsets.

If you own an Android device, manually downloading WhatsApp will be a breeze. It?s also safe since you?ll get the app from the official website. The first step is to temporarily allow the installation of applications from ?unknown? or third-party sources. You can do this by heading to Settings > Security. Next, you just have to go to the site and download the APK installer file. Click here if you want to be redirected to the download page quickly. After that, find the folder where you saved that installer and begin the installation process.

Activating WhatsApp calling feature

Here comes the complicated part. In the past few weeks, WhatsApp?s dev team had been distributing invites to users who want to test the calling feature. But Android Police recently reported that the invite window has been closed this weekend. So that leaves us with at least two scenarios; either the Facebook-owned messaging app will open its invitation process again or it will finally launch the feature officially.

Should WhatsApp choose the former, all you have to do is wait for the invite or ask someone you know to send you one. If you?re lucky enough to be invited, you?ll have to restart the app after a contact called you. After rebooting the application, you will then notice that a new Calls tab will appear next to the Chat and Contacts tab.


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