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How to download Whatsapp for iPad without an iPhone or smartphone

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Previously, I discussed how to download Whatsapp for iPad in this guide. The previous method would only work if you already have a smartphone with the messaging service or you have a 3G or 4G capable device to receive the confirmation message. But what if you don?t? What if you want a separate Whatsapp account for your iPad and your smartphone? That means you need a fresh install with a new code.

The good news is: you don?t have to worry if you don?t have a smartphone! Any mobile phone that can receive text messages is viable for registering your iPad. Whether you have an iPad 2, 3, 4, Mini or Air, you can run Whatsapp even if you?re on iOS 7. If you have a Nokia phone, you may even actually be able to use Whatsapp on your phone if you check out the supported Nokia models here.

So to recap, here?s how to download Whatsapp for iPad without an iPhone or smartphone:


  1. Download Whatsapp on your Mac or PC using iTunes. Open up iTunes then search for the app in the App Store. Make sure you download it on iTunes. It should appear in your Apps tab.
  2. Open the source files for the app. Depending on what computer you use, you have to go to your iTunes folder and find the Whatsapp folder that includes the .ipa file. Make a copy and drag it to your desktop.
  3. Download a file manager for your iPad that lets you look and manage the files on your iPad without a jailbreak. One example is?iFunbox?but there are also other file managers.
  4. Open iFunbox and then use it to install the messenger on your iPad. You might have to drag and drop app or do a little copy-pasting depending on what the program wants you to do.
  5. Unplug your iPad and then restart it. If you?ve done everything correctly and your iPad isn?t temperamental, you?ll see the Whatsapp icon on your screen.
  6. When you open the messaging app, you might get a notice that the iPad says the former isn?t supported by the iPad. Tap OK and just restart it again.
  7. Once it?s restarted, open the app and go through the registration process. The sticking point here would be the need for a mobile phone number to register the app on. Give the number of your mobile phone and wait for the registration code.
  8. Use the code to register your Whatsapp account. Congratulations! You can now send and receive messages for free with the messenger!

Keep in mind that a Whatsapp iPad app isn?t officially available?this is a soft fix, since we don?t have to jailbreak your device. But just like any tweak, make sure you?ve backed up your device before you make any changes. I hope you now know how to download Whatsapp for iPad even without an iPhone or smartphone!

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