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How to download Whatsapp for Android without Google Play

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One thing I love about the Android OS is that it?s so versatile that you don?t need Google to enjoy apps like Whatsapp on a cheap tablet. This means that technology has become more accessible for everyone.

Although you don?t need Google Play Store to get great apps, it does put a damper on things when you can?t find Whatsapp or other popular services on your native app store for your tablet. Brands like Coby and Polaroid aren?t supporting the Google Play Store so you?re going to have to find a way to get apps elsewhere.

But you shouldn?t worry too much because you can manually install or sideload Whatsapp onto your Android device quite easily. Here?s what you need:

  1. The Whatsapp .APK file that can be found here, right from Whatsapp.
  2. Your PC and your tablet?s USB cable.
  3. A separate mobile phone to receive the confirmation code.

Keep in mind that Android tablets differ a lot from each other through specs and the UIs pasted on them by the manufacturers. While this fix works for some, others may have trouble due to their PC, their tablet and other concerns. Always back up your device before you do anything to it.

Here?s how to download Whatsapp for any Android tablet without Google Play:

  1. Connect your Android tablet to your computer through the USB cable.
  2. Open your file explorer to see the folders on your SD card. Drag or copy the Whatsapp .APK onto the Downloads folder. Check if this is the folder where your downloads really go. Disconnect your tablet from your PC.
  3. On your tablet, go to Settings>Security>Unknown sources on your tablet and enable third party applications and unknown sources to be used and installed on your device.
  4. Go to the Downloads folder on your tablet and tap the Whatsapp .APK you installed there.
  5. Give permission for the app to be installed on your tablet.
  6. Tap the Whatsapp icon on your app drawer and follow the registration process. Provide your mobile phone number for registration. Use the code they text you to register on your Android tablet.
  7. Congratulations! You can now use Whatsapp for Android even if you don?t have Google Play.

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