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We previously mentioned the usual ways how to download music to your Samsung phone, but there are also other ways that users can get media onto their device. Thanks to the cloud, there are so many new ways to get music streamed or downloaded onto your device for free or for a subscription.

For this guide, we can look at how some services let you stream and download music onto your Samsung phone from the cloud. Take note that this isn’t the traditional way of downloading a file from a database; you subscribe to a service that gives you access to their pool of songs.

Samsung Music Hub is one of the things that the company has put forward in a bid to outdo Apple and its other competitors. Essentially, it’s iTunes for Samsung. The company is currently developing the platform to offer videos and other media to users.


To download music to your Samsung phone using Samsung music hub, here are the steps:

1. Download the Music Hub app onto your phone. Most new Samsung phones like the S3 and S4 usually have the app pre-installed but if you don’t, just search for it in the Google Play Store.

2. Open the app and wait for it to detect the music on your phone and SD card. As long as the songs are DRM-free, you can play it on the Music Hub, which serves as a media player as well. You can organize your songs, albums and create playlists here too.

3. Sign in with your Samsung account or create a new one.

4. Search for the songs you want to download on the search field or browse through their featured media. When you tap on the song you get to listen to 30 second previews of the song.

5. Purchase the songs you want and wait for them to download. Depending on your internet connection, this may or may not take a while.

6. If you can’t find the songs, keep refreshing the app to keep the download running.

7. An alternative is to pay for a monthly subscription that lets you stream music onto your Samsung phone.

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Keep in mind that some countries may not support Samsung Music Hub since the fees are based on your carrier. You get billed for the songs and media through your monthly service fee.

Another way on how to download music to Samsung phone is to use certain apps that manage your media from your PC to your phone. Some apps like FileExplorer and OPlayer create a handy interface for you to transfer files from your PC to the Samsung Phone. These are also great apps to use when you can’t find a file or song in your Downloads app. These apps let you explore every part of your SD card and phone memory.

We’re still looking for more ways on how to download music to your Samsung phone so keep checking back!

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