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iTunes could be the only negative aspect about owning an iOS device. But all users show know how to download music on iTunes. Apple?s proprietary software used for syncing and transferring is usually the only way for users to get any media on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This would be a good thing if iTunes were as easy to use as any iOS device. The problem is, it?s usually confusing and unwieldy. What?s more, Apple has a penchant for updating it every few months or so. Just when you think you know how to use it, they change the way it looks.

Nonetheless, iTunes is still one of the best ways to download music since most artists (both indie and mainstream) choose to publish here first and reach audiences easier than through physical discs.

So if you want to get the latest Jpop, Krock or the track performed on American Idol last night, here?s how to download music on iTunes:

  1. Once you open iTunes, you?ll find the iTunes Store button on the upper right. Click this. Make sure that you?re connected to the internet.
  2. You?ll see the selection of media right off the bat. If you see an album you like or an artist, click on the tile.
  3. You?ll get a list of albums. Click on the price of the album to buy it or click on the album tile to bring up a list of songs.
  4. From the list of songs, click the price of the song you want to buy.
  5. You?ll be asked to provide your Apple ID when you purchase something.
  6. The songs and albums will be downloaded onto your iTunes library.

Keep an eye out for promos and free music once in a while on iTunes. Usually, Apple gives away free music from top artists during Christmas and other holidays. The music you download is in AAC format; if you want to change the format you?d need separate software to do so.

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