How to download free ebooks for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android phone and Kindle

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Lots of people with new devices such as an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy series, Android phone and Kindle want to know how download free ebooks. It really is such a great thing for any reader if they can bring a whole library of books in their devices.

When it comes to ebook prices, though, publishers and digital media companies haven?t come to accord on any difference in prices between print and ebooks. This is why people would like to know where they can get ebooks for free?especially people who have bought the books in print and just want a digital copy for their device or electronic library.

So if you?re one of these bibliophiles who need to have a book (or all their books) in their device all the time, here are some places where you can get free ebooks:

1. Project Gutenberg

This online library literally hosts thousands of ebooks for anyone to download! This is a great resource for the academe since it boasts a lot of classics that you can download for free. If you?re looking for Poe, Le Fanu, Dickinson, Shelley and other authors, this is the best place for you.

2. Amazon

That?s right?Amazon does have ebooks to give for free. Sometimes, these could be really popular titles. The trick is to know when the titles are free for a limited amount of time. Check out the website and watch for the $0.00 price. Most classic titles have free versions on Amazon as well. The best part about using Amazon is that the ebook you get is delivered straight to your reading app or Kindle! This is the easiest way on how to download free ebooks for any device.

3. Smashwords and Wattpad

This site hosts authors who self-publish. If you?re looking for something new or a new author to support, this is a great place to find free ebooks. For women who love romances and guys who are into original fantasy and science fiction.

So if you don?t have the cash yet to shell out for the newest bestseller, there are a lot of great books and classics that you can find online. We hope that you?ve remembered how to download free ebooks for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android phone and Kindle.

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