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How to download Flappy Bird even when it’s been taken down

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If you missed that brief, horrendous yet irresistible craze, you might be wanting to know how to download Flappy Bird even when it’s been taken down. Dong Nguyen, it’s creator, said that he had to take down the game because of the backlash he was getting due to the game’s look and feel. Although deceptively simple, Flappy Bird was difficult, annoying and looked a lot like Mario Bros.

Nevertheless, it’s become a craze and that it’s gone too soon only means that people are clamoring to play. The great thing is that as long as you downloaded it on your smartphone or tablet before it was taken down is that you have the game. Just don’t delete it because you can’t recover it anymore after that.

How to download Flappy Bird

For the people who missed out on it, there are some ways to still play it, although it isn’t going to be easy. You’re also going to need a little help if you want to know how to download Flappy Bird. Essentially, there are 3 ways to play Flappy Bird:

1. Buy a phone off someone who still has the game installed on it.

This may sound ridiculous, but it’s a surefire way to get the game. You have to get the phone it’s installed on as well. Some enterprising individuals have started selling super-expensive phones with the game pre-installed online. If you’re desperate, that’s the way to go.

2. Copy the app from another Android phone to your PC then sideload it onto your Android phone.

Another way how to download Flappy Bird even when it’s been taken down is to extract it from an Android phone that has it and transfer it to yours. You’d need a little Android expert to find the game, copy it and load it onto your phone. You’d also have to set your phone to be able to accept third party applications that did not go through an app store.

3. Copy the app from someone else’s iTunes account to yours.

Depending on the version if iTunes you have, the iPhone generation you’re transferring it to and a lot of other factors, you may be able to copy the app onto your iTunes account using a PC or Mac. Sync the iPhone with the game to the iTunes account so the app appears in the app folders. Once that’s done, take the iPhone out and log in to your own iTunes account on the same computer. Find the Flappy Bird app in that iTunes program and sync it to your phone.

Theoretically, the iPhone hack may work but it may also not. So good luck, Flappy Bird hopeful fans! Knowing how to download Flappy Bird even when it’s been taken down is just half the battle; actually pulling it off is another matter.

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