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How To Download Apple Patch To Fix Vulnerabilities

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Apple rolled out its arsenal with a new patch update for bugs and security vulnerabilities. Apple has released an OS X System update that addresses a number of bugs in the previous version as well as the alarming DYLD privilege escalation security exploit, according to CNet.

DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE security vulnerability

The OS X system update version 10.10.5 includes fixes for problems that could enable attackers to operate manual their own codes on Apple products, shared by SC Magazine. These unlimited root privileges, called as DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE escalation vulnerability could allow malware to gain unsecured access to a Mac. The exploit can open up a wide access to the entire operating system, shared by CNet.

The new patch update also addresses some bugs in the Photos and Mail apps, according to Slash Gear. GoPro videos that you want to import is no longer prevented by the Photos app, Compatibility with email servers have been fixed in the Mail, and a fix on the QuickTime application. Regarding the QuickTime bug, it enabled hackers to use a ?specifically formatted .MOV file which can cause QuickTime to terminate unexpectedly, creating a local denial of service condition.? The bug was then addressed by Ryan Pentney and Richard Johnson of Cisco?s Talos security unit.

According to Lance Whitney of CNet, the DYLD security vulnerability was first addressed by a security researcher named Stefan Esser. He claimed that the 10.10.5 apple released fixed some bug but made a much worse security problem. Esser didn?t disclose what problem made it worse but reportedly advice Mac users not to uninstall his SUIDGuard kernel extension that apparently guards against attacks which utilizes the DYLD hole, from security news site Security Week, according to CNet.

How to download

The OS X Yosemite system update version 10.10.5 can be downloaded in the ?Update? tab in the Mac App Store. For standalone installers, the system update is also available on Apple?s download page.

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