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How To Do Light Painting With Your Android Device’s Camera

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Long Exposure Photography
Long Exposure Photography

At first glance, it would be hard to believe that the photo you are looking at with this article was taken using with an Android smartphone. No post processing at all. Everything was done in a single shot. This is called Long Exposure Photography. This was only possible with DSLRs before, then as technology improved, the feature was made available with lower end cameras and even point-and-shoots. Now, even android camera apps allow you to do this.

DSLRs are the best in this kind of photography technique, but that doesn?t mean that android cameras are letting the big cameras take all the credit. With an Android phone/tablet running with Ice Cream Sandwich or higher version, you can download the app called LenX from Fenchtose.

It has an extremely simple, user-friendly interface. You can adjust the zoom and the exposure for this camera app. You can set these up before taking the shot. Once you?ve set it up to your desired settings, you can start the process by tapping the red button (that looks like a record button). You tap it again to stop the recording, in a photographer?s term, ?close? down the shutter.

Unfortunately, unlike other apps and cameras, LenX doesn?t have the timer feature, so when you do light paintings, or long exposure photography, you need to manually press the shutter button twice on your Android device. Not really that great when nobody?s around except yourself. On the brighter side, this is also an advantage if somebody is around. This will let you limit and extend the duration of how long the shutter is open, to avoid bleeding of light rays, or lacking.

Try experimenting with different settings and levels of exposure.? As a rule of thumb, a ?darker situation requires a higher exposure value, and a wee bit longer exposure duration. Brighter situations requires less light, hence, lower exposure value and shorter duration.

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