How To Dislike AND Thumbs Down Facebook Posts

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Facebook made it extremely easy to let you show somebody if you appreciate a cool status, a funny picture, or ?very good news just by using their thumbs up button. However, there are some posts where you don?t like it to begin with, but where is the button to ?dislike? them? Just like how it is on YouTube?

Facebook did include a ?Dislike? button last year, but not as what we?ve expected it to be. It wasn?t even a button to begin with, but a ?sticker?, and it was only available on the Messenger App and you have to manually download it from the Sticker Store to even start using it.

But what of stickers? We want the dislike button to be used on statuses, for posts, and to let people see that we don?t like something, just as we do when we hit that ?Like? button.

There are some means of how to get the actual dislike button on Facebook however, but these are browser add-ons and they?re great for people who has the knack for disliking terrible jokes and baby picture crap on Facebook. The only catch is, as this is an optional browser add-on, you need to have it installed on your browser AND have your friends install it as well, for them to be able to see what you dislike.

A lot of plugins have been around, but not all of them did stay. Here are some that did stick around.

FB Dislike (For Chrome and Firefox)

A cross-browser plugin that lets you add a ?Dislike? option, along with ?Comment? and ?Like?. It is easier to have your friends jump on board as this supports both Firefox and Chrome. It may be a bit spammy at times, though, because of adverts that it comes with (probably to support the maintenance costs of the app)

Dislike Button on Facebook

Here?s one that wouldn?t require you to bug your buddies to install the app just to see that you disliked something. It adds a handy ?Thumbs Down? button on each post that you see. You just have to click it and it will add a weird, but clear looking dislike icon on your reply to the post.

Everything else was removed, either because they were abandoned or they?re bugged of several malware. Unfortunately, we will ?have to make do with these, as Facebook doesn?t seem to have any plan on integrating the real thing and, instead, focus on more positive interactions.

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