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How to Defend your First House in 7 Days to Die

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A few tips on how to setup your defense for your first or temporary haven in 7 Days to Die.

Before you decide on what type of defense you are going to use please refer to this link first and decide where you want to move in. Done? Great! Now let?s start, shall we? In 7 Days to Die you can build anything you want, just like in minecraft but the hardest part in this game is that zombies can and will destroy your house if they sense you are inside. That?s why I made this guide for survival in 7 Days to Die? (NOTE: this guide is for beginners or for someone who just started a new game).

First things first, find a good place to stay. Here on this picture I chose the house on Husker Ave.

Husker Ave Map

The reason why I chose this is because the house is made of bricks and it will be hard for zombies to destroy my walls and there are lots of trees surrounding the area.

Brick House Husker



Always check the area before you decide to settle in, gather the supplies and kill all zombies that are inside. Once you have done this, ?it?s time to gather the resources that you need for your defense. What you need are planks (lots of it), sticks, scrap iron and plant fiber. Now remember, this is for people who just started a new game that doesn?t have the higher tier items.

First make a torch by putting plant fiber in the middle and a stick just below it. Then put torches around the house, inside and outside.

Next thing that you need to do is to repair and upgrade the windows or any damaged wall of your new house. Just like this one.

Upgrade window lv1


wall repair

You can upgrade your windows to lv. 4, repair damaged walls and doors by right clicking it. Next is if you are playing with a friend, it?s better to make a sniping area on the roof. This is the fastest way to do it.

Sniping area How to

put a torch on the wall then pick it up

Sniping area

this will happen after you pick it up, the wall/roof will collapse

perfect view

Now that your sniping area is complete ask a friend to stand watch and guard you in case a zombie pops behind your back.

Then make lots of spikes and surround your house with it. Like this.

it is best if you make 2-3 layers of spike just to be safe in case a horde passes by

it is best if you make 2-3 layers of spikes just to be safe in case a horde passes by

Now once you have covered your house with spikes, it is now time to make an emergency exit. Either destroy a part of a fence or put a wooden frame beside it and just jump over if you need to escape.

And that?s it! That is how you defend a house if you are new to 7 Days to Die. Once you?ve gathered enough resources, that will be the time to upgrade the walls to ?iron or something similar.

Thank you, I hope you had fun reading this article.


Photos taken by me

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