Introducing: Tinder Verified Profiles For Celebrities You Will Never Date

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Date Celebrities Via Tinder

A date with a celebrity via Tinder is a possibility! Or at least finally meeting them might just come true. The dating app recently launched a special badge that aims to verify if you?re dealing with the real deal or not. No doubt Tinder wants people to find their favorite celebrities in the highly-successful app that?s been pairing individuals since 2012.

Athletes, actors, actresses, and notable public figures will standout on the social media app as they will be marked with a badge so ?you?ll know its for real?, Tinder said in a blog post.

The release of verified profiles was apparently done to combat skepticism as celebrities themselves were struggling from making their own matches on Tinder because people assumed they were fake.

?Many celebrities were telling us that no one believes it is really them on Tinder, so we launched verified profiles to authentic users who are notable public figures,? Vice President of Global Communications and Branding at Tinder, Told the Huffington Post.

The release of verified profiles was hinted in March. Tinder CEO Sean Rad told The Hollywood Reporter magazine that they were looking at ways to allow celebrities to enter Tinder differently from the norm.

Tinder creates matches by syncing its users? Facebook profiles to retrieve their photos, friends, and interests. Celebrities are still needed to go through Facebook, but now they will be able to change their names, Rad said.

Common folks before would hurdle towards large gatherings such as the Olympics and the Oscars in hopes of matching with a star, Rad said as proximity is a factor for making potential matches surface.

During the 2015 music festival Coachella, Tinder?s application usage increased by 300% compared to the previous weekend. During the Football World Cup in Brazil, Tinder?s usage in the country was upped by 50% since the tournament started.

Other factors for making pairs with other people include common interests and mutual friends.

With the release of verified profiles, common folks like us can now search for celebrities who use Tinder like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Ashton Kutcher, and many others. We might still not get to date them, but at least we now know that who we?re eyeing isn?t a poser.

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