This guide will show you how to pull tracking links

To drive traffic to homepage


Login to your Dashboard > Offers > Choose thebitbag(5)


At the thebitbag(5)  offer page click TRACKING LINKS


Under TRACKING LINKS, you can find your affiliate tracking link below

Note: Make sure to choose the Base Destination URL to track the Homepage

Your tracking links should look like this

Direct Linking:

To drive traffic to specific article page (DEEPLINKING)

For Deeplinking process please follow the steps 1 to 3 above and then proceed to step 4 below.


Under TRACKING LINKS you will need to choose the REDIRECT LINK this time.

Your tracking links should look like this



Once you have your REDIRECT LINK you will need to append these two parameters (?URL= and ?AFFID=) to combine your specific article page and your affiliate ID. 

Grab your redirect link and paste in your text editing tools (NOTEPAD) or whichever you prefer.


Your Specific Article Page:

Your Affiliate ID: 35 (example affid only)

How to combine your Redirect Link, Affiliate ID, and Specific Article Page?

  1. Grab your redirect links and add this parameter ?URL= at the end of your link


   2. Grab your specific article page link and paste it after ?url=


   3. Last part is to add this parameter ?AFFID= at the end of your specific article page.



Your final URL should look like this

If you have any questions you can reach out any time by emailing our tech team below.

Ross Badal:

Kath So: