How To Crack and Hack Wi-Fi Passwords

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WiFi Hacking Guide
WiFi Hacking Guide

Disclaimer:?Before you proceed, we would like to be clear first,?that, cracking and hacking your neighbor?s?Wi-Fi password is very unethical. This is just a temporary solution for an urgent need to connect to a wireless internet connection. We do not recommend doing this for extended periods. We will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur (especially on your credibility and your relationship with your neighbor), so do this at your own risk.

There are several ways on how to crack your neighbor?s (or anybody else?s) Wi-Fi password. The problem is, not every method is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Some even require some extensive work, which you might find not worth the trouble anymore. Wi-Fi connectivity has become a basic necessity in our lives and you would be able to find wireless hotspots, almost everywhere. The sad thing is, not all of these hotspots are without any sort of security measures. Of course, why would you try to connect to a network which is not intended to be shared with you? There are times when you just need to, especially when your own internet connection is down.

One of the best and easiest softwares to use is Aircrack-NG. It does the job of cracking the password by tracking out all the packets from the desired network.

Once everything in the disclaimer is clear to you, and you still want to proceed with hacking some Wi-Fi password, you can now start by downloading the CommView app. This is an essential part of the whole cracking and hacking process. It will ensure that wireless card you are using can go into monitor mode in order to properly capture packets. Simply download, install and run the application. After a few minutes, you should be able to see a list of all nearby Wi-Fi networks and some details on the security they use. You should be looking for WEP security enabled Wi-Fi networks ONLY as this guide will only work for that method.

Also make sure that you target a network with the highest signal (of course, low signal means slower internet connection). Once everything is set and you have decided which network you want to connect to, just click Capture. Be sure to set the Maximum Directory Size to 2000 and Average Log File Size to 20. Also enable logging tab on top and auto saving.

Once you?re done (or at least you got 100,000 packets), you will need to export them for Aircrack-NG?s use. To do this, go to Log Tab, and click on concatenate logs. Simply select all the logs that have been saved. Once done, navigate to the directory where the logs have been saved. Open the log file and Export it by selecting File>Export>Wire shark tcdump and save the .cap file anywhere you desire.

Now the final part of this hacking process is to open up the .cap file in Aircrack-NG. Just run the GUI, select WEP, choose the .cap file you saved, and click Launch. It will show you the wireless key after a while, but there are times where it will request a few more packets. Just repeat the process above.

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