How to connect with vetted financial advisors online

A billion-dollar fintech is bridging the gap between investors and fiduciary financial advisors.

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  • Americans are looking up to financial advisors for trusted financial advice
  • Match with up to 3 vetted financial advisors near you within minutes
  • Avoid financial pitfalls during market upheavals with unbiased guidance 

A Harris Poll survey of over 2,200 American adults mentioned that 26 percent of them seek financial advice from advisors, whereas those practicing DIY-investing have gone down from 30 percent in 2020 to 20 percent in 2021. It is highly likely that the unprecedented market fluctuations have left many DIY investors clueless on how to contain investment losses, leading them to seek trusted financial advice. 

If you are also seeking financial advice to manage your monthly budget better and save for retirement, Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) could help. CFPs aim to understand your financial worries, retirement dreams, tax situation, and risk appetite to help guide you on your investment journey. They will also help you avoid financial pitfalls, especially during market upheavals.

Additionally, financial advisors who follow fiduciary standards know how to keep you from making emotionally-charged financial moves that could be detrimental to your financial aspirations in the long run.

How to Connect With Vetted Financial Advisors

While you could consult your friends or relatives for recommendations on financial management, SmartAsset can connect you with vetted fiduciary advisors within mere minutes.

All you have to do is answer an advisor-match online quiz on when you want to retire, how far you are from retirement, your current financial woes, and SmartAsset’s dedicated concierge team will connect you with vetted financial advisors based on your responses.

If you want, they can also arrange introductory calls with them whenever you please, so you can get to know them better before making your decision. 

Since its inception in 2012, SmartAsset has raised over $161.5 million in funding. They help over 45 million people every month with award-winning personal finance calculators, a wealth of finance guides, and simulation tools based on proprietary technology to simulate your financial life based on your current decisions.