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How To Completely Wipe Your Android Device

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How To Completely Wipe Your Android Device

Android?s default data wipe tool may not be enough to permanently eradicate personal data on your device.
Avast suggested that Android?s factory reset option is not that effective in eliminating your personal data from old devices. They bought 20 used Android handsets on eBay and recovered 750 e-mails and text messages, 250 contacts, together with the identities of the previous owners and more than 40,000 images. And to make it even worse, the firm?s employees were using data recovery applications to get the job done.

While companies like Avast offers some data deletion tools, there are other ways you can do to secure your private data when doing a factory reset.

We recommend that you encrypt your device before you decide to wipe it. This process will scramble all the data in your Android device, but even if it doesn?t fully eradicate your data, a code will be needed to unscramble it.

Do A Factory Reset
The next thing you will need to do is to do a factory reset. To do this, go to Settings, then open Backup & reset option, and then select Factory data reset. Be aware that this action will completely delete all the data on your device, so it would be wise to backup anything you don?t want to be erased permanently.

Load Dummy Data
If you followed the steps above, that should be enough, at least for most people. But if you want to add an extra layer of protection, then try loading fake contacts and photos on your device. Why?
You?ll find out in the next step below.

Again, Do A Factory Reset
You must perform another factory reset, which will erase the dummy contacts and multimedia files you loaded onto your Android device. Your data will be buried below the dummy content, making it harder for someone to locate your personal data.

Still not contented? Then repeat the ?Load Dummy Data? and ?Again, Do A Factory Reset? steps as many times as you wish. As we said earlier, following the the first two steps should be enough. It will be almost impossible to unscramble your personal data without the use of the encryption pin, which is by the way overwritten the first time you did a factory reset.

But if you?re still A BIT PARANOID, there?s always some power tools in your basement that you can use to play with your device, or simply flush it in the toilet.

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