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How to Clear Greater Rifts in the Shortest Time: Diablo 3 RoS Must-have Gear for Greater Rifts

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Greater Rifts is the newest and most exciting game feature launched in the recent implementation of Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1 PTR. Whenever a player or party finishes a normal Nephalem Rift in a short time, a Greater Rift opens up that has bigger rewards and tougher monsters (which include the Rift Guardian).

It still looks like any Nephalem Rift but you?ll notice that there are no longer any chests, urns and vessels to click and destroy. All the loot comes from the monsters and more importantly?the Rift Guardian.

If you finish the Greater Rift in the requisite amount of time needed, a new Greater Rift spawns and you go through the process again. Essentially, you keep getting higher difficulties in Rifts and bigger rewards until a Rift kills you or you don?t finish it within the allotted time.

While this mechanic is only implemented in the PTR, some players have figured out how to scale their damage with the rising toughness of monsters?even to go as far as 100 Greater Rifts in one run! How did they do it? Here?s how:

1. They had a monk?or more than one with the best gear available. Why a monk? Monks have the skill called Exploding Palm that bleeds an opponent for more than 1000% weapon damage and then detonates the monster when you?ve killed it. The detonation triggers an explosion that damages the nearby mob with the monster?s HP. So all the party has to do is kill one guy and area damage the hell out of the rest of the mob and wait for the explosion. You can actually use the monster?s HP to get you through the Rifts since they increase each Rift.

exploding palm

2. They had a Furnace each. This weapon has a chance to deal 6-8% of the enemy?s HP everytime you attack. Now you have a weapon that scales with the enemy HP. This means that no matter how high the HP is, The Furnace is going to use that against them. Take note that Demon Hunters cannot use this weapon because it?s a 2-handed mace and one of the rarest items in the game. Check out my post on The Furnace here.

the furnace

3. They had a Rimeheart in their arsenal. Another Legendary item that kills unconventionally, it has a chance to break enemies who have been frozen. Now just imagine having a Wizard in your party. Another very rare item, this one drops anywhere with a 1% chance to drop.


I?ve been playing a Monk ever since I started Diablo 3 RoS and I can say that Exploding Palm when coupled with the Mantra of Conviction lets you kill one monster quite efficiently. I like watching the life bar get chopped down in chunks. When the enemy does explode, nothing is left (especially if it?s an elite). If I don?t get an elite with the explosion, I look to find the elite to have less than a fourth of its life left without having touched the elite with any sort of attack yet.

Sadly, Blizzard has noticed the technique of scaled damage based on enemy HP as possibly OP so they?re monitoring the situation and may nerf Exploding Palm. Cue my shameless begging that they don’t. I would love it if they didn?t, since it?s really the only DPS skill that makes monks any help in a party besides a maybe-tank and maybe-healer hybrid.

I?m crossing my fingers on this one?but what do you think? Drop me a comment on how you think Blizzard should handle this DPS technique for Greater Rifts in Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1.

screenshot by Danielle Santos from guide

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