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How To Clean Your Smartphone And Tablet The Easy Way

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There are certainly many ways to keep gadgets such as your smartphone and tablet looking, and feeling brand new, and cleaning them is one of the cheapest and inexpensive ways to do it.

This is something that many gadget users always forget to do. ?Cleaning?, doesn?t simply mean wiping fingerprints off of the screens of off your smartphones. I?m referring to a thorough disinfecting of your gadgets.

It is inevitable that over time, your gadgets will collect dust and various kinds of bacteria that will not only prevent your investment from being on tiptop shape but may also be a potential harm to your health.

According to TopTenReviews,??94.5 percent of the phones were contaminated with some kind of bacteria, many of which were resistant to multiple antibiotics?.

With these statistics, it means that wiping our smartphone screens with the edge of our shirts only when it?s dirty isn?t enough.

Here is our complete guide on how to clean your smartphones and tablet the easy way:

What You Need

Cleaning your touch screen gadgets are actually much easier than one may think and contrary to popular belief, you don?t even need to buy expensive specialty cleaners to do it. All you need are: a microfiber cloth or optical cloth, which usually comes with your eyeglasses or LCD screens; Isopropyl Alcohol; dish soap; water; and a small bowl or spray bottle.

Start Cleaning

Before you start, make sure you check the manufacturer?s warnings to see what not to use on your phones. If for example the manufacturer of your device does not recommend using alcohol to clean it, like Apple, you should stick with using only water.

Step 1

To clean the screens of your phone, simply create a mixture of 50% alcohol and 50% water in a small bowl. Alcohol will not only tidy?your phone screens but also disinfect it and rid it of germs that are lingering on your mobile phones; and it also dries fast so you do not have to worry about moisture that may stick to your phone after cleaning it.

For tougher jobs like spilled food or a sticky mess on your screen that simply won?t come off using the alcohol-water mixture, take a pea-sized drop of dishwashing liquid and mix it in warm water.

Step 2

Take your microfiber cloth, dip one corner of it into the mixture and remove the excess moisture by wringing it and tapping it onto the back of your hand before wiping down your screen to rid it of dirt, grime and bacteria.

If you?re using a spray bottle instead of a bowl, make sure that you don?t spray the mixture directly onto your device to avoid getting it too wet. Doing this may damage something important like the charging socket and this isn?t covered by your gadget?s warranty.

Step 3

Buff your device dry using your cloth. Done!

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