How To Choose a Tricky Password That Will Take Them Ages To Guess

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What do you constantly do to keep your email secure nowadays? Does your email provider ask you to change your password every now and then? Are you bothered by this constant request to remind you to update your password?

Using a Passphrase will enable you to create a master password that is very difficult to break. This will enhance the security of your email and other transactions over the internet.

So what exactly is a passphrase? And how does it differ from a regular password?

The passphrase enables you to come up with a series of text or words. The difference between the passphrase and a regular password is that, it is composed of several ?real? words linked to create a short phrase. This series of words are combined in an illogical manner, and hackers will find it hard to crack.

A regular password will only allow a set of characters thus prompting you to mix it with too much symbols that sometimes you tend to forget.

So how do you create a passphrase?

The thing you have to understand about creating a passphrase is that, you will need to think of a series of words that you can easily remember. So how do you actually go about it? Pick a series of quotes, movie lines or your favorite song lyrics. Once you have those, pick out specific words from these quotes and combine them into one phrase.
To make it even more secure, it is recommended that you capitalize some of the letters as well as use a symbol in between characters.

Having said that, here?s an example of a passphrase for a strong password:



Sounds secure enough? Maybe not because they?re just a set of words and can still be cracked down in a short time, so what you?re going to do is to add symbols, numbers and even capitalize some letters. For example:



By just looking at it, you won?t be able to immediately comprehend what the password is all about. The complicated format of mixed upper and lower case letters as well as symbols makes it even harder to break.

The Multiple Passwords in 1 Rule Scheme:

You can also opt to use the multiple passwords in 1 Rule method. Here, you can have different passwords for every account you have, but what about the issue in remembering each password? You don?t have to. By providing a password foundation, it is easy for you to create other passwords based on this.

For example: start a password with ABCDEF, the next one could be ABCGHI and the next to be ABCJKL. In this example, our base password foundation is ABC.

By continuously creating a series of passwords for every account, hackers will have a hard time accessing every one of them online.

We’re just human, we tend to forget things especially if we have 20 email accounts. In order for you to not forget all your passwords, you can use KEEPASS to ensure that your passwords are safe. All you need to do here is to create a unique and secure password for all of your other passwords.

This methods are also applicable for securing passwords for your router, wifi, smartphones and computers.

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