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How to Charge Your Cell Phone Even Without Access To Electrical Outlet

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Charge Your Cell Phone With a Flashlight
Charge Your Cell Phone With a Flashlight

There are times when we don?t have access to electricity and that is alright, but what if you need your phone and it is about to die? Have you ever thought about being able to extend your phone?s battery life? There are tons of solutions, but if you are going to be away for a very long while, like camping, or simply getting stranded somewhere, you?d wish you had a way to charge up your phone.

Actually, there are two things which you can try as an alternative power source to charge up your phone. One is by using fire and the other, with a hand-cranked flashlight.

The fire method is easier, because it only involves a single preparation and you can leave it once it starts. Most of the things that you will be needing can be found almost anywhere, except for the Thermoelectric Peltier Generator, which you can purchase from any electronics or hardware store near you. You only need a coffee can, a bendable metal rod (metal hanger?s a good choice), a phone charger (unused), a large hose clamp or wire, kindling, power drill, utility knife and a soldering iron.

You can follow the instructions in the video below.

Charge Phone With Fire

If you?re too lazy to set up something like this, you can try the other method of using a hand-cranked flashlight, which you can also buy from almost any hardware or appliance store. This method requires a hand-cranked flashlight, a soldering iron and a car charger. The process is pretty straight forward. Just take the flashlight apart, and solder it exactly the way it is shown on? the video below.

Charge Phone With Flashlight

Neither of these methods will charge your phone extremely fast, but they will do the job, especially if your phone needs to stay alive for some more. There are other alternative ways of charging your phone through other energy sources, particularly heat source. In fact, you can rig up your BBQ grill into a charging station. Just make sure that the cables are long enough so the phones won?t be at any risk.

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