How to change iTunes store country settings or How to download apps from other country App stores

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If you ever wanted an app from the Japan or UK iTunes store but was barred from downloading it thanks to the country restrictions on the store, we?re here to show you how to change iTunes store country settings. You might also need this when you travel; some local apps have great features for tourists such as maps, trackers, train schedules and such.

Keep in mind that you may encounter problems with this method. Always backup your device and be ready for some risks like bricking your device or having malfunctions after you?ve transferred.

Basically, you can change your iTunes store country settings through your device. Here?s how to change iTunes store country settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:


  1. Go to Settings>iTunes & App Store. Make sure you’re online.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID.
  3. Tap on ?View Apple ID?.
  4. Input your Apple ID password.
  5. Tap ?Country or Region?
  6. Tap ?Change Country or Region?. Make sure that you read Apple?s terms and conditions before you do anything. You have to agree to their terms since some countries have slightly different laws governing online downloads and apps.
  7. Choose the country or region you want to shift into. Then tap ?Next?.
  8. Agree with the terms and conditions after you?ve read them.
  9. Input your payment information. You can always choose ?None? if you?re just looking to browse the other country?s app store. Keep in mind that you can only use payment methods valid in the country?s store. Your US credit card isn?t going to work in the Japan Apple App Store.
  10. Input an address in the country you?re transferring to. You can use any address but it has to be valid in the country and have a real zip code. You can put in any phone number.
  11. Congratulations! You?ve changed iTunes stores. Go to the App Store to browse or look for new apps.

When you?re done downloading the app you want from the other store, simply repeat this process and choose your actual country of origin. The app you downloaded isn?t going to disappear from your device. You might want to check out some cool dating SIMS from Japan (there are a lot of translated and English games on the Japanese store), Norton?s One Password or some other local travel apps. We hope we were able to help you on how to change iTunes store country settings.


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