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How To Become Ultimately Anonymous Online

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Being anonymous is something pretty hard to pull off these days. In fact, almost nobody is anonymous, and everybody has their information stored somewhere online, one way or the other. Everything you do is tracked,? even the things you say are stored somewhere in a place called cache. So what if this information is stored? You might ask. These information could possibly be used against you, both in a good or bad way depending on whoever gets the information. ?Hackers? best tool of trade is their ability to extract information, and concealing their own.

I am not hacker or not planning to be one, so is this guide going to be of any use to me? Yes. This guide is practically for everybody. If you know how a big part of hacking is done, you can pretty much prevent it by learning your way with it. Plus, the good practice of anonymity on the internet has its perks more than the cons.

A simple username or email can be used to find information about you, which in turn, can attract internet ?trolls? for instance. They can spam with you with phone calls, letters, or worse, threaten you in some way. The possibilities are endless.

So how do you get exposed? There are several factors that get you exposed. Some are awfully obvious, like committing a crime, (hey, why would you in the first place) posting your phone number on a public list/site, and using your real name on Facebook or other social networking site.? Some aren?t too obvious, but poses even more threats, like making a purchase with your credit card.

So if you have decided to clear up your online presence for some reason (being a hacker, or too afraid to become a victim of one, or just for other reasons), there are some things that you can do.

There are several methods of clearing your online information, but Delete Your Account is one of the best services that does this perfectly.

It would also be wise to disable the User Agent on your browser.?It identifies your browser and OS on a website via Javascript. That is potentially something which can also reveal who you are. You can simple spoof this information by using a plugin like NoScript.

Also, never use your own phone number for verifications online. You can use services like Google Voice for that. It can simply direct the message/voice to your phone instead, without giving out your own number.

So what about spending money online? Some people may think that spending money online anonymously is a hard task. The truth is, it isn?t as hard as? you think. You can simply purchase any prepaid debit card, sign up with Paypal, using the same fake identity that you will also use with the debit card.

There are more things that can expose you and even more things to avoid getting exposed. The rule of the thumb is, if something personal is at stake, think twice. Especially if you plan on going undercover or something. (Just kidding, but we?re serious with the possibility of getting hacked part)

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