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How to Become a Beta Tester; Know the Perks of Being One

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Beta Testing is a process for software programs aimed to eliminate bugs and assess user friendliness. Before the final version of a product is released to the general public, programs such as video games are released to selected groups of people called ?Beta Testers.?

Beta Testers are usually ordinary gamers who want to help in the development of their favorite games by giving feedbacks, reports and finding bugs that may have been missed during the Alpha Testing conducted by the game developers.

Anyone can become a Beta Tester for video games as long as they have enough experience in gaming and a willingness to help in the game development. Many websites on the Internet offer a lot of opportunities for aspiring Beta Testers. You can sign-up for websites who specifically do beta tests or you can email the game developers directly.

Being part of Beta Testing surely has a lot of perks. First and foremost is the fact that you?ll be able to play the game way ahead of everyone else.? Aside from the game developers, Beta Testers are the ones who have experienced the game early before its official release date. After the release, those who became part of the test usually receive in-game rewards in the form of game items, a free account, or even premium upgrades. These privileged few can then brag to their friends about their experience. They have also obtained secret knowledge about major game spoilers on the game plot.

But beware! Although some developers offer to pay money to Beta Testers, Beta Testing is actually more of a charity work. Not every test will offer rewards to those who participated so don?t expect a lot when you?re planning to contribute to a game?s development. Players who join Beta Testing are usually doing it simply because they just want to contribute what they can to the game developers and to the game itself.

So once you?ve been accepted to do Beta Tests, always remember to do your best in finding errors in the game and to report bugs in a professional manner. Remember that this is a trial phase for the game so do expect some errors and be cool about them as the developers are doing their best in fixing it. Secret knowledge about game plots and new features must also remain secret if you?re advised to do so.

So good luck to your gaming and do your best in supporting your favorite games!

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