How To Automatically Launch Music Apps With Headphones/Earphones

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Sony Xperia has Smart Connect, why don?t other smartphones have this? It?s not like it is that ?hard? to implement it. If you aren?t an Xperia owner and knows little about this very useful thing, you might want to ask the same question. Automating everything once you connect your earphones/headphones to your phone may not be a very big innovation, but for some people, this is very convenient and time saving at the same time. The good news is, there?s an app that does the same thing as what Smart Connect from Xperia handsets do. And even more good news is that it does more than just launching a pre-determined music app.

Check out Gabe Brandao?s Headphone Connect. It is an app that makes everything much faster once you connect your headphones to your smartphone, be that a Samsung Galaxy S5, or an HTC One. It doesn?t matter, as long as you are using a handset that has an Android version that Headphone Connect supports. This little app automatically launches ANY app you have set once an earphone or headset is plugged into the jack. The great thing about this app is aside from being FREE, it does not require your device to be rooted at all.

However, to fully experience the convenience from this app, you need to do some small things to get started. The first thing you need to do is to disable the notifications from the app. This will make sure that the screen won?t pop up showing that the app has been launching anything. Once this is done, you can proceed in setting it up to your liking.

In the ?General? menu under ?Settings? you can set it up if you want the app to automatically launch when you? boot your device. Under ?Connect? item, this is where you can set up the actions that the phone will take once a headphone has been connected (there?s an option for Bluetooth as well). You can specify which apps you want to launch as well as define the volume level. There?s a disconnect function too, but you will have to purchase the app for $1.08 which is not really that bad of a deal.

By using this app, you won?t have to go through the ?tedious? procedure of unlocking, looking for the music app, and opening it by yourself. Perfect app for a person who?s always on the go.

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