How to Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature for Android

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Voice calls in WhatsApp is now possible thanks to its latest update that can allow other users to connect with their friends using the call feature. However, just like any new update, this one also contains a few bugs and glitches but that?s not all, it also has a compatibility issue so as of now, only Android users can fully use this feature.

Here on this article, you will learn how to activate the calling feature of the app in just 4 steps!

How to activate the calling feature of WhatsApp for Android OS in just 4 steps

Techcabal have already tried the feature and according to their post, here is how you can active the feature to call a friend who also uses the App:

  • The very first important thing to do before trying this latest feature is to check for your current version of the App by clicking here. Just a reminder, this feature is only available for Android users and as stated on techcabal, even when you have the most current version of WhatsApp for iOS, Windows or BlackBerry, it still won?t work.
  • Now that you have checked your version of the App, it is now time to look for another friend who also has the latest version. Now this one is hard, so be patient.
  • Once you have found a person who has the same feature installed on their app, ask them if they can call you and wait for a few seconds before disconnecting the call. Apparently, miscalling someone is not enough to enable this kind of feature.
  • After disconnecting the call, you will now then see three tabs on your app for chat, contacts and calls.

It?s quite easy right??You can now finally call someone on your list anytime you want!


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Image source WhatsApp

? 2011 WhatsApp ? All rights reserved

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