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How Thieves Bypass Lockscreen On Your Phone

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Lockscreen Hack (Image Credit to OpenSourceGangster YouTube)
Lockscreen Hack (Image Credit to OpenSourceGangster YouTube)

Lock exploits are becoming more common in the mobile world these days. It has its benefits, but its existence is not without risks. There was an iPhone 5 passcode bug, which Apple claims to have been already fixed. There were also a couple of passcode bugs that occurred on certain handsets like Galaxy S3.

This bug has occurred not only on Samsung?s Galaxy S3, but on other devices like Note 2 as well, and other Samsung devices that run on Jelly Bean 4.1.2. So if you haven?t updated your device from this firmware version, you might still be prone to a bug that lets ?informed? people bypass your screenplay security.

The exploit has been found by YouTube user Terence Eden. In the video below, you can see how he ?bypassed? the security of Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The exploit lets you do a couple of things like launching the dialer, placing a phone call, and even searching and downloading apps from PlayStore using the voice interface, which will, altogether, disable the screen lock.

Here?s the rundown of the things that potential phone thieves can do:

  • From the lockscreen, they can tap the emergency call button
  • Dial a non-existent number like ?0?
  • Press the green dial button and dismiss it after the error message pops out
  • Press the back button
  • The app?s screen will display briefly, but this is enough time for anybody fast enough to interact with the application.
  • From there, you can run any app, any widget, or even go to the settings menu

If, for some reason, you cannot update to the latest version of Android OR updating your mobile operating system is not fixing it for you, you can try the following steps:

  • Go to Settings > Developer Options > Window Animation Scale > Off
  • Do the same for Transition animation scale and animation during scale

The exploit will still happen on your device, but it?ll be more difficult to pull off as things flying by on your phone will be much quicker.

Other alternatives involve using third party apps.

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