[WATCH] Just How Strong is a Punch from the One Punch Man?

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How Strong is One Punch Man

One Punch Man is now continuing to grow its followers across the globe since it?s Adult Swim premiere last July. Everyone is waiting or rather, dying to know when the second season will air. While there is no official news yet, several Youtubers came up with different theories on How Strong is One Punch Man as well as trying out Saitama?s fitness training, to perhaps ease the tension from waiting.

Check out Gnoggin’s theory. He begins his video by saying that, Punches! Is one of humans? few methods of attack without the use of a tool. The video centers on his theory for the question: What would happen if Saitama punched you in the face at full force? Obviously we would die and probably be deader than dead – if such a term exists. See the video here to know how you would die.

Next up is Because Science with Kyle Hill?s video focusing on how strong One Punch Man is and how strong he could possibly be. Kyle Hill explains the science behind his punches and believes that Saitama?s punches are not one that destroys every foe but one that destroys everything. Hill believes that Saitama has a very serious punch that can reset the whole universe. Watch it here.

Last is Jax Blade?s video on his analysis on Saitama?s Fitness Training. Will it get us great physical results or would it put us in the hospital for over training and recklessness. Backed up by fitness science, this video shows us if Saitama?s training would actually work in real life. JaxBlade tells us what causes overtraining, what the human body is actually capable of, and his experience in doing the said training for 14 days straight. He also gives tips on how to workout properly. Check out the video here:

Just how strong is One Punch Man for you? Let us know what you think about these videos by posting away on the comment section below.

How Strong is One Punch Man

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