How To Fix Your Broken Apple Charger

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Apple Charger
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Apple products are known for their high-quality build but many are not a big fan of their chargers. Not that they don’t charge fast, they just break so easily. But then, they do go through hell; they get twisted, yanked and bent every day so they are really bound to break at some point. So what would you do if yours break?

You could simply go to the nearest Apple Store and buy a new charger but that costs money. Good thing, you can fix it yourself with one of these quick fixes. But before anything else, make sure you know which part is faulty.

Broken Cable

If your Apple charger isn’t doing its job anymore, usually it’s the fault of the cable. Unfortunately, Apple’s Lightning cables tend to fray or form “turtlenecks” just right under the port. Other times, they the plastic coating wears out.

If it starts to weaken and wear away, you can just twist a gaffer/electrical tape around the top to help it hold together for a while longer. It’s not foolproof or perfect, nor it’s a permanent fix, but it can certainly function as an interim solution until you can replace the cable. Simply grab some tape, then carefully wrap it around the weak, or torn portion of the Apple charger cord.

But if it has gotten to the point where the cable stops working, it may require more drastic measures. You can repair the wirings yourself with the video below if you’re a dab hand with a soldering iron. It’s not a particularly easy process, though, so use your discretion when doing this.

Remember, these are not magical solutions, and they don’t guarantee that there won’t be electrical problems or worse. If the cable is severely damaged, or if it starts sending out electrical shocks, or smelling funny, or getting extra hot after DIY-fixing it, just toss it and just get a new cable. Don’t try to use a broken cable forever, it is just asking for trouble.

Broken Adapter

If the adapter is at fault, you may want to take your charger to Apple straight away and see if they will replace it. Or, just buy a new replacement. It’s nearly impossible to repair the Apple USB Power Adapter without breaking the insides because of the amount of glue in the interior so we do not recommend opening up Apple Power Adapter and repair it on your own unless you really know what you’re doing.

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A new model can be bought from Apple Store for £19/$24. We advise you to get the Apple 12W USB Power Adapter, the model that ships with the iPad, as it charges quicker than the Apple 5W Power Adapter which ships with the iPhone.




If you really want to give it a try, take a look at this guide and see for yourself just how complex it can be.

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