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Hoverboard Price And Where To Buy: All You Need To Know About This Year?s Hottest Mobility Gear, Christmas Is Best Time To Get It!

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Hoverboards, also known as an e-board, ?swegway? or self-balancing scooter, may be the thing of the future as more and more people are starting to buy the coveted board. Since a number of celebrities have been parading a hoverboard since they came out, such as Justin Bieber, Usain Bolt, and Kylie Jenner, a lot of people are starting to get into the craze.

Even Wiz Khalifa got into a bit of a problem when he previously rode a hoverboard at the Los Angeles international airport.

3 cops yell stop resisting. Only thing to do is let em know. I'm not resisting, I'm doin what I want.

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Spy Master, a retailer of the hoverboard, is one of the few shops in Central London that sells the device in-store, according to the Guardian. Company director Julia Wing told the Guardian that numerous hoverboards have been sold at the shop this year. ?I think they?re so futuristic ? it?s the first time we?ve seen anything like this,? Wing said. ?Because celebrities have them now, it?s the thing to have.?

?One Middle-Eastern customer came in this summer and bought 10,? Wing explained. ?Another customer said their grandchild is always trying something new on the board, and trying to see if they can balance on one leg.?

One hoverboard, according to the Guardian, has to be charged for up to two to three hours depending on how much you use it and usually rides last up to 20km with a top speed of 10kms per hour.

Where to buy

Factory costs of the hoverboards are worth around $200, he said, and then the company sells each board for around $900. ?But by Christmas, we?ll be selling them for much cheaper, around $600,? he added. Some hoverboards can be bought on limited department stores but most of them are available online, so all you need to do is find a good website that will sell those pretty little boards cheap.

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