Hoverboard, 911 And The Cubs: Did These Predictions From Back To The Future Actually Came True?

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?Back to the Future? day is being celebrated all over the world as ?the future? as depicted by the popular movie has come and gone. We saw how characters Marty McFly, Emmett ?Doc? Brown, and Jennifer Parker journey from 1985 to 2015 and discovered some of the amazing things they anticipated in the near future. So how close is ?Back to the Future? in their prediction? Here are our takes:


We?ve seen a few versions of the hoverboard coming out in viral videos (the most famous of which is the one with skateboard star, Tony Hawk), but this time, no less than Automobile giant Toyota, through its luxury brand Lexus, came out with one of the coolest and most believable hoverboard yet.

The board is one of Lexus? Amazing in Motion series of projects. It operates via a magnetic surface, and makes use of superconductors to make the board ?levitate.? The board is one of the many futuristic projects being done by Toyota?s advanced R&D Department. Another project they are working on? Flying cars.

Self-tying shoes

Michael J. Fox had the opportunity to be the first person to test the original and factual self-lacing Nike Mags. It?s still on the testing phase and still not available, but the concept of this futuristic shoe might have Nike on the top of the business of making shoes for a very long time.

Video conference calls

Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes in Back to the Future 2 was the video conference call future Marty did with his boss which flashed his face all over the television and firing him for all to see.

Although video conference calls might be old news (Face Time anyone?), but we?ve got new updates that give this technology a very futuristic feel. Google, via Google Hangouts and Chromebox, offers new hardware that definitely make online business conference a breeze. The new Chromebox can be used for larger meetings. It now has a pan and tilt camera, dual mic and speakers, and a full-screen speaker that ensures your audience can see your report in whole without the distraction of your people?s thumbnails.

911 prediction

A YouTube video indicated how ?Back to the Future? movie series had made a startling prediction of the previous attack to the Twin Towers on September 11. As creepy as it may seem, the video had some surprising facts as to how the movie carefully predicted the attack. Try to watch it and find out for yourself if ?Back to the Future? really did know the 911 attack.

Cubs win World Series

Unfortunately, ?Back to the Future? didn?t predict everything in their movie precisely because the Chicago Cubs unfortunately loss to the New York Mets by a landslide. But at least everybody will realize that we don?t really know what the future might hold.

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