House Of Cards Season 4 Spoilers And Updates: New Characters, Love Interests, And Guess Who?s Having A Baby?

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?House of Cards? continues its drama and suspense with the fourth season just a few months away. With the Netflix show renewed for season 4 last April, the upcoming season of the political drama series may be set to premiere as early as February 2016. And as we wait for ?House of Cards? to get back, here are some spoilers and rumors to get you hyped for its return.

New cast and characters

Season 4 of ?House of Cards? will begin another chapter of intense drama as new characters arrive on the show. Colm Feore and Neve Campbell may join the next season of the hit series and take the show to the next level. Feore is reported to be a high-profile character although details are still unknown. On the other hand, Campbell auditioned for the role of a special character having a key role in season 4.

Reports also suggest that another high-profile couple will be joining the character of ?House of Cards? which suggests that Campbell may be filling in for that role. So expect a feisty competition between the new couple and Frank and Claire Underwood.

Season 4 will have more romance

As seen in their successful run of season three which focused more on emotions of the characters rather than the political aspects of the story, we might see more of relationships and emotions building. Executive Producer Beau Willimon previously shared about their previous take on season 3 and that fans liked the idea of getting more on all of the character?s emotional side.

?We took a lot of risks with season three. We wanted to delve deeper into the emotional story. We wanted a little lest political intrigue and a little more of the emotional flux,? Willimon said according to Christian Post. ?We wanted to tell the story of the marriage. I think there were a lot of fans that really appreciated that. And for a lot of them, this turn that we took made it their favorite season,? he added. So we might expect a direction into the emotions of the characters and their romantic affiliations.

Frank and Claire adopt a baby?

It is also possible, with the growing distance between our favorite couple, Frank and Claire Underwood will try to save their marriage by adopting a baby. It?s no surprise that Claire, with all her strength and independence as a woman, is still in love with her husband so she will do anything she can to save their relationship.

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