?House of Cards? Season 5 Spoilers: Claire To Assume Presidency?

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Season 4 had just ended but everyone is still on the high with ?House of Cards? recent finale.

Of course, you are all curious what will be going to happen on next season. So hang on to your seats as we gather some of key points on what to expect in the next installment of the series.

The main question now is how long will Frank Underwood, as portrayed by Robin Wright, survive after suffering a serious injury last season. Will this be the end of his political career?

According to a report from Movie News Guide, Frank was seen injured in the previous episode, making him in need of a liver transplant. Should Frank die because of organ rejection, it is interesting to know how Claire assumes the presidency.

Reports are also speculating Claire?s presidency happening in the forthcoming season. How do you perceive Claire?s ruling? (We are expecting answer like ?evil.?) Let?s all find out the possible journey of Underwood to the highest position in the US government.

Everyone is also looking forward to Claire?s ability to talk to audience after breaking the fourth wall in the finale of Season 4. As predicted by the report, this ability of Claire will surely boost the viewership for the show as it will be more reachable for the fans.

Another to watch out for is Seth Grayson who betrayed the Underwoods after disclosing information about Frank?s history. It is safe to assume that he might be in talking ways with Doug Stamper who is against the current president.

Stamper, however, is still the man rumored to be the running mate of Claire should Frank die or get worst. It should be noted that he was a good follower of the top two leaders but a love for a woman will serve as game changer.

Other reports bared that season 5 will be the last run of the TV Series (no way!). But before dwelling on the possible ending, let?s all patiently wait for the upcoming season which, however, expected to be aired in March 2017.

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