House of Cards Season 5: End of the Series?

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There is quite a possibility that House of Cards Season 5 will be the end of series. However at present, the best part is that the series got renewed for its fifth season on Netflix though the executive producer Beau Willimon is said to have left during the end of the fourth season.

According to our earlier reports, the creator of the Netflix original series House of Cards served as the showrunner for the first four seasons and was working on the series for last five years. House of Cards is currently one of the most critically acclaimed series on Netflix. And Netflix could not just cancel the series due to the showrunner?s exit.

However, there is no news on Willimon?s replacement yet. We just have to wait and see if the series gets someone like him with a strong narrative vision. During the creator?s departure, Netflix and MRC owed ?tremendous debt of gratitude to Beau Willimon for his strong narrative vision for House of Cards over the show?s first four seasons.? The entire team wished him ?the best in his next creative adventure.?

Willimon thanked the team and said he had to move on to his future endeavors. He wished the show much continued success and said that he was leaving the series in the ?hands of a very capable team.?

Hollywood Reporter had stated in January that the creator was leaving the show as he was ?focused on writing an original play.? Willimon?s decision, however, came as a surprise as the show was doing very well.

Netflix Life reported that the series is going ?good? as of now. But, it might see an end if either Robin Wright or Kevin Spacey happen to leave. In addition, just like Orange Is The New Black got extended by four seasons, Netflix could also renew the American political drama television series for further seasons.
However, not much can be said now whether the series will be affected due to Willimon?s exit. But if we don?t hear from Netflix about the series, speculations about the series? end are likely to rise.

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