House of Cards Season 4 Spoilers: Frank Underwood Campaign More Bloody and Violent

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Picking up right where season 3 ended, House of Cards season 4 features Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) now in conflict with his wife Claire (Robin Wright) just before the start of the Presidential elections. Frank?s struggle will bring about more violence and bloodshed according to the Hollywood Reporter.

This spoiler not only confirms that some of the characters may die in this season but it also builds anticipation based on the scenes and imagery advertised in the trailers and posters. Exposed in the very first trailer, a recollection of Frank?s violent crimes in the past alludes to what Frank and his associates might do to attain the presidency.

?Fans should be excited for more of the brilliant villainy of Frank and more of the bloodshed that flows in his wake,? Nathan Darrow, who plays Secret Service agent Edward Meechum, said.

With Frank?s conflict with Claire, he has lost a valuable ally and gained a powerful enemy, given that she has knowledge of all his secrets and the crimes committed. This knowledge may be utilized by Claire as she pursues her own career.

But Frank is notorious for being violent. His own murders and orders to his associates to commit acts of treason, murder and more have placed him at the point where he is now — President of the USA. And there is no knowing what lengths he will go to achieve his goals.

As the story unfolds, building in intensity, audiences will be able to discern the characters. ?I think the appeal, and the success of the show in general, is that it is Shakespearean in the way they unpack these characters,? Elizabeth Marvel, who plays Frank’s political rival Heather Dunbar, said. ?They keep unfolding, both dark and light.?

House of Cards is an American political drama series adapted from BBC?s mini-series of the same name and is based on the novel by Michael Dobbs. It has three complete series, and its fourth one premiered on March 4.

House of Cards season 4 episodes can be seen on Netflix.

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