?House Of Cards? Season 4 Ends In Its Own Fashion

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Don?t you ever forget these lines:

?We don?t submit to terror.?

?We make the terror.?

The season 4 finale of ?House of Cards? just ended the way we all envisioned it to be ? in breathtaking, wall breaking and staring moments.

So let?s revive it and go through it all over again – Claire was beside Frank in the last scene when Frank delivered those two memorable and creepy lines.

Frank was staring at the camera lens but what made that shot, that scene, shocking is that Claire then also glared at the ?fourth wall.? This was the first time that someone acknowledged the viewers through eyes on the lens aside from Frank.

Then it ended.

According to an article of Independent, though Season 4 appeared to be a more like mid-season ending, its finale alone was enough to make the TV series even more disturbing and interesting to follow.

It was able to create a firmer identity of Claire in the show. It was evident in the last episode that fans have something to look out for Claire as she proved how tight and dangerous her partnership with Frank.

And now that Claire has been able to break the fourth wall, the question now is, will this be a start of something new for her character?

As the article remembered, episodes 10 and 11 have already given fans the idea that Season 4 will end before the elections. House of Card Season 5 is projected to be a more controversial installment as the elections and war might be happening then.

As the Underwoods seemed to be lagging behind Will Conway in the social media battle, a war is deemed to be underway for them to earn more voters. Underwoods are characterized by their cold demeanor, making them unappealing to the public.

This series also characterizes the current political landscape in today?s society where chaos will most probably make a politician famous. So will this strategy help the Underwoods? campaign?

It is noteworthy that Conway has a military background, making him distinguishable should a war spark before the elections.

But we have to wait for a year until we learn what will happen in the elections and most importantly the role Claire will play in the next season.

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