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Normally, I wouldn’t “bump” an update like this, but I wanted to analyze the data for you folks a little bit. Check it out after the jump. I added Andrea Rene for fun. She was winning VLOGIdol, but got bumped to #2 today by Kristina Allison. I also added Jessica Chobot from IGN as she received a few hits in “Other.” Oh, and one more bit . . . one of these ladies is scheduled to be on the 1v1 show this Sunday night. Stay tuned Mondayish to find out who it is.

Hottest female that won because of fan support through social network: StarSlay3r
Hottest G4 host: Olivia Munn
Hottest Fragdoll: Psyche
Hottest Game Producer: Jade Raymond (Ubisoft)
Hottest Xbox Live Community Female: Trixie
Hottest not from any of the above categories: Natalie Sousa (TalkingAboutGames) . . . is she considered a part of the Xbox Live Community Staff?

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