Hotline Bling Video: Epic Video Has No Choreo, Just Pure Dance Showdown!

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Drake just released his new music video ?Hotline Bling,? a catchy single popping the tunes around a samply of Timmy Thomas? 1973 song ?Why Can?t We Live Together? and a possible D.R.A.M.S. hit song ?Cha Cha.? Entertainment Weekly was able to talk with Director X, the creator of Drake?s music video, and share his thoughts on what kind of dancer Drake is.

When Director X was asked if he gave any advice to Drake on how to do the video, he didn?t say anything. ?When you?re doing music videos, you?re dealing with artists that tour the world and perform to stadiums full of people, so they don?t need much help with the performance part of things,? he said. ?So I just turn on the camera and let them do what they?re going to do. It?s really setting the stage for them.?

Asked if how fine a dancer Drake is, he said: ?He?s a good dancer, man. We?re all used to music video dancers being people you need to pay professionally, but that?s legitimate, out-on-the-dancefloor,?having fun, dancing right there?

?No, it?s not Chris Brown or Michael Jackson. People need to dance again. I?m always good to promote dancing. Men have stopped dancing. I go to night clubs and?I see girls dancing and men not dancing. It?s a horrible thing. I dance. I still have fun. You?ll see me at a club dancing with a girl that I just met,? Director X said about how men don?t have the slightest idea of dancing.

?Guys really need to understand what all they?re losing by refusing to dance. I go to a night club where I know nobody and I have got a female pressed up against me grinding, and they?re still standing with a glass in their hand doing nothing,? he added.

In any case, when you see Drake dancing on this new music video, you might sign up for those dancing classes you hated. To watch Drake?s new ?Hotline Bling? music video, check out this link.

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