Hot Shots Golf PS4 Beta Codes Roll Out With Free Theme

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Everybody’s Gold will be available soon, but the beta is available for some. [Image from PlayStation Blog]

Despite being called Everybody’s Golf, most fans know that this is a spiritual successor to the popular Hot Shots Golf. Even Sony hasn’t denied this, since one of the pre-orders is a 20th anniversary golf course, celebrating the older games. Fans will be pleased to know that closed beta codes have begun rolling out, which comes with a PS4 theme.

Sony confirmed the closed beta test before on a PlayStation Blog post, whilst also announcing its August 29 release date on the PS4. This should give fans enough time to get excited for the game and the title could even be a success. After the whole Tiger Woods controversy, there hasn’t been a big golf game in ages, so this could be it.

Some of the download codes have already been rolled out, so expect a few early impressions from gamers here and there once the beta test starts on May 26. According to some gamers on NeoGAF, the beta invite also comes with a free theme and character costumes.

Closed beta applications were previously made available in Asia, Europe, and Japan. Meanwhile, beta codes are being given to random PS users in North America via email due to the lack of closed beta applications in the region.

Everybody’s Hot Shots

While it’s now being branded as Everybody’s Golf, the game is clearly inspired by the Hots Shots Golf series. From the art style, to some of the power puts, it’s clear that we are essentially seeing a current-gen sequel. Newer gamers might not be familiar with the series, but Hot Shots was a vital PlayStation property back then.

Golf is Back

Everybody’s Golf is the Hot Shots Golf game fans have wanted for sometime, so this should be a solid title. It seems like enrollment for the beta has been closed for the time being, so players will have to wait till August. Gamers that receive the closed beta invites will be able to try the game out and see if it lives up to expectations.

While it might not be one of the most anticipated titles on the PS4, it should be a fun little game. As long as the mechanics are good and the replayability is high, the game will have done its job. These are things that the older Hot Shots games have done well, so this spiritual sequel should have them.

Everybody’s Golf will be coming to the PS4 on August 29, with a number of pre-order bonuses for those that do so. There is also a Hot Shots golf game that is available now, as a PS2-on-PS4 game.

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