Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.31 Fixes NG+, Ultra Hard Difficulty Issues

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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.21
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The new Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.31 has recently been pushed out to fix issues in its new features. The fixes were for the progression and balancing problems found in the New Game+ and Ultra Hard difficulty.

Posted by Guerilla Games on the EU PlayStation forums, update 1.31 mostly focuses on fixing the two new features introduced in update 1.30. In addition to the New Game+ and Ultra Hard fixes and tweaks, the new patch features some general updates that’ll apply outside these modes.

Before the latest patch, some New Game+ missions have some minor bugs that could hamper the player’s experience or lead players to unintentionally access later areas due to their carried over equipment. The Adept Blast Sling’s special trials can be accessed even though players don’t have access for the special ammo needed to complete these quests. Other Adept weapon missions were also fixed for the New Game+ mode. Lastly, the patch also fixes cases where players were able to bring their heavy weapons in New Game+.

As for the Ultra Hard mode, a fix that improves shard reward for player created errands has been pushed out. Apparently, these specific errands didn’t have their shard rewards scaled to be of use in the game mode. Shards is both a crafting resource and money in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The other general fixes are mostly gameplay-related and damage differences between game difficulties. So far, the New Game+ and Ultra Hard difficulty mode can keep the fans company until the next DLC expansion arrives. Horizon Zero Dawn will receive “The Frozen Wilds” expansion which features a snowy terrain for Aloy to explore. Aloy’s objective in this new area is to go to the mountain to find answers. However, she’ll have to face harsh environments and new creatures to fulfill her goal. Stay updated with more Horizon Zero Dawn news here on The BitBag.

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