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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.22 Still Doesn’t Add New Game Plus, Guerilla Focusing On ‘Distractions’

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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.22
Source: Horizon Zero Dawn – Story Trailer | PS4 video

Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.22 has just been released. The patch only contains bug fixes and doesn’t have the long-awaited New Game Plus feature. A Guerilla Games representative said that they’re focusing on removing “distractions” in the game at the moment.

Patch Notes

According to the European PlayStation site, the Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.22 only fixes one crash issue brought about by the previous update. The new patch fixes a game crash trigger if players mount a Strider, Broadhead, or Charger from above. We’ll have to wait for another patch to see a major feature added into the game.

Removing Distractions

According to Guerilla Games’ Jeroen on the Horizon Zero Dawn subreddit, they’re focusing on polishing the core experience. “Currently we are focused on making sure your experience is the best one you have. For us that means we want to make sure that there are less distractions that take away from that experience. Making sure that some players may encounter are at a minimum and we want to built from there.” says GGJeroen.

Guerilla Games effort to improve the game through patches is commendable, but some fans now want more reasons to play the game again, aside from getting beautiful snapshots in Photo Mode. Players would want some new features like a New Game Plus mode to give the game some replay value.

New Game Plus in Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn’s maps become empty and just for freeroam once all the quests and collectibles are done. The game doesn’t have any other offerings to the player once they’ve fully cleared the game. Players who want to play the game from the top will have to make a fresh save file for that. Horizon Zero Dawn can easily fix this end-game emptiness through a New Game+ mode, but they have yet to announce this feature.

DLC Expansion

If not having a New Game Plus mode, Horizon Zero Dawn can make players continue playing with a DLC expansion. The developers have confirmed that they’re working on a post-release DLC at the moment, but didn’t reveal its release date. We’ll just have to wait patiently to get this DLC soon.

Potentially we might get the announcement at E3 2017. Sony will hold a press conference this year, which could mean plenty of reveals for the company’s first-party studios. The next Horizon Zero Dawn major update or DLC might be announced in that event. Stay updated with more Horizon Zero Dawn news here on The BitBag.

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