Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.21 Live, Patch Notes Reveal Fixes For Photo Mode Bugs And Gameplay Issues

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Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode
I spent countless hours simply taking images with the game’s photo mode.

Guerrilla Games is pretty busy with Horizon Zero Dawn as the developer is looking to further improve the user experience in the new title. A new update has recently rolled out and it focuses on addressing a lot bugs and issues that players are currently experiencing. Here are all of the changes found in Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.21.

General Fixes

The patch notes on Reddit reveals all of the minor and major bug fixes in Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.21. For general fixes, Guerrilla Games has addressed several issues that could’ve been bugging players for quite a while now.

For Aloy’s abilities, one of the fixes include one for the lure call. Previously, the ability lured bandits from the other side of bandit camps. This has issue has been fixed by reducing the range of the lure call.

Meanwhile, Aloy’s Strike From Above is getting two fixes. The first one is when Strike From Above fails to activate when being used from a zipline. The other is when Aloy would get stuck until the ability lands on its target.

Other general fixes include some much needed addressing for  interaction markers, Show HUD on touch option failing to show default values, and a bug where Aloy would suddenly get thrown from a Tallneck’s head when it makes a sharp turn.

Photo Mode Fixes

Guerrilla Games even took time to fix some Photo Mode bugs in Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.21. Aside from a few tweaks in the mode, Guerrilla Games also fixed major issues for posing Aloy. Some of the fixes includes:

  • Fixed an issue where changing poses after throwing a rock would cause conflict between animations where Aloy’s body would begin to bend, twist and spin rapidly.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Look At’ toggle and Body Poses being available during hit reactions that Aloy triggers on herself such as falling and grenade damage.
  • Fixed an issue with Aloy twisting and bending if the player selects the ‘Look At’ toggle shortly after closing the focus.

Other Fixes

Aside from various crash fixes, Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.21 also fixes a few bugs that hinder progression. Once the update is installed, players can expect smoother sailing in the game as the number of issues has gone down quite a bit. The full patch notes can be seen on the Horizon Zero Dawn subreddit. Players aren’t reporting any undocumented changes in the update for now and it looks like bug fixes are really the main focus.

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