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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.20: Undocumented Changes In Latest Patch

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Vantage Points are one of the more interesting collectibles as they show you a glimpse of the past while providing an interesting narrative.

A new update is now out for Horizon Zero Dawn and players have access to quite a few new tweaks and changes in the title. The patch notes for the update have been revealed already but players are reporting that not all changes are stated in the patch notes. Here are the undocumented changes in the Horizon Zero Dawn 1.20 update.

Stealth Nerf?

Redditor xReecay shares the a possibly undocumented changed in Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.20. One of the changes includes stat rebalancing in modifications. The Redditor noted that some of his Purple rarity modifications have become lesser valued due to some balancing changes. The Redditor says that Guerrilla Games have downgraded stealth outfits by around 50% and Handling modifications have been upgraded by 20%.

In the patch notes, it says that the update “fixed an issue for some players where two or more similar uncommon or rare mods applied to both weapons and outfits consistently don’t apply their indicated improvements.” It’s possible that this change could’ve caused the stealth nerf.

These new changes push players to become more careful in traversing through hostile territories. Stealth modifications has made the game too easy for some due to the lenient AI. It’s unknown why Guerrilla Games didn’t clearly mention these changes in the patch notes. For now, players are looking for other undocumented changes in the Horizon Zero Dawn 1.20 update.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.20

The update includes a lot of bug fixes, some of which hinder the player from progressing the game. There are also newly added features as well. The highlight of the update, remains on the improved photo mode with new features. This is in lieu of Guerrilla Games thanking the fans for some amazing screenshots.

The improved photo mode will have a few added features. Guerrilla Games has added new poses and facial expressions for Aloy along with “greetings from” cards. There are 3 new filters added to Photo Mode. Lastly, Guerrilla Games has also added a “look at the camera” feature for Aloy.

There are a lot of other additions in the update and players should download the patch as soon as possible. There are possibly more hidden changes in the patch so players should keep a keen eye while playing the game.

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