Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.30: New Game+ Added, New Weapon Upgrades, and Other Updates Added in Patch 1.30

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Horizon Zero Dawn
Source: Horizon Zero Dawn – Launch Trailer | PS4 video

Guerilla Games has recently announced the contents of the new Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.30. Players can replay the game again as the long-requested New Game+ feature has just been added.

Additionally, new features have been added like extra equipment modification slots and a harder difficulty setting for players to enjoy it again.

As Guerilla Games community manager Jeroen Roding announced on PlayStation Blog, players can now download the new patch 1.30 as of today. The Horizon Zero Dawn developers are still working on the The Frozen Wilds expansion. This patch is expected to keep the fans warm with gameplay as its replay value gets fixed with the New Game+ feature. The patch notes also list many bugfixes for the title.

Before patch 1.30, players had nothing to do but roam the overworld after completing the main story. Many fans noticed this as one of Horizon Zero Dawn’s faults. However, the New Game+ mode will now allow fans to play the game from the start with all their recorded progression. Additionally, the new maximum difficulty mode, Ultra Hard, will be able to keep those thrill-seeking fans playing. Roding wrote that the machine senses will be improved which could mean better enemy AI in this mode. The players can also start their New Game+ on normal difficulty if they want.

Additionally, Roding confirmed that the New Game+ still won’t allow players to go over Level 50. However, they’ll still be able to earn experience during the playthrough rather than getting none at all. Potentially, a level cap increase will be added in a future Horizon Zero Dawn update.

Lastly, players will now have access to upgraded versions weapons and outfits in patch 1.30. These upgrade versions also have an extra modification slot for more stat customization. However, these upgrades will not come cheap. Stay updated with more Horizon Zero Dawn news here on The BitBag.

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