Horizon Zero Dawn Needs A New Game Plus Option

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Aloy’s next target is quite big. [Image from PlayStation]

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best PS4 exclusive games available right now, but it’s not a perfect title. The game is beautiful and offers players a ton of things to do, from hunting down monsters to fetch quests. That being said, the game doesn’t offer much for players after they complete it, which is a bit disappointing.

Fans on Reddit have said that they would want a New Game Plus option for the epic open-world game. Considering that most modern games have that option, it’s actually a bit surprising that this PS4 beauty doesn’t. While it’s hard to say if the game is worth replaying, some have stated that they would want to.

Horizon Zero Replayability

Once players beat Horizon Zero Dawn, there isn’t anything else to do aside from finishing some side quests and getting all collectibles. That might not sound like a bad idea for those that want to get a platinum trophy, but others that want a challenge will be disappointed. Video Games like The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight added plenty of challenge with their New Game Plus modes.

Some players might argue that the game is already pretty challenging in hard mode, especially when facing a horde of robot dinosaurs. However, it would be cool to fight tougher enemies with weapons that the player has upgraded from the previous playthrough. It would also give players an excuse to all of Aloy’s alternate outfits, though they can already switch between them whenever they like.

Free New Game Plus Update?

While there isn’t a New Game Plus for Horizon Zero Dawn, the developers in Guerilla Games could add it post-launch. The Witcher 3 added the mode post-launch, as did Final Fantasy 15, so it could still happen. Maybe if fans demand it enough, Guerilla Games will comply and release a New Game Plus for them.

There is a story xpansion planned for the game, but it doesn’t have a release date as of this writing. A New Game Plus would definitely extend the game’s replayability and is something fans would really like to see. Here is hoping that the developers listen and we see the mode come to the game sooner rather than later.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now and is exclusive to the PS4. Players can get the game now in their favorite retail store or digitally via the PlayStation Network. A sequel looks to be in the works after a job listing seemingly spelled it out.

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