Horizon Zero Dawn Demo: ?It Would Cost Us Dev Time,? Says Guerilla Games

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Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games brought the Horizon Zero Dawn demo at E3 2016. Some were allowed to get their hands on the playable demo, and after watching the extended video, fans have started asking the developers to bring the demo on the PlayStation Store. When asked by a fan for the demo, Guerilla Games? Mathijs de Jonge said that bringing the demo to the public would require more development time and effort. It is reportedly better to spend that time on the development of the game, he added.

On Twitter, the developer was asked to bring their Horizon Zero Dawn demo on the PlayStation Network. In response, the game director said that it is an interesting idea, ?but it would cost us dev time, prefer to spend that on the game.?

At Sony?s E3 2016 conference, the company unveiled a playable demo of the game featuring the super-slick art style of a perfect combination of science fiction with nature. The mechanical wildlife in the game left fans wanting more.

While the game is still in the works, the studio prefers investing time in the development, and it seems that the studio is working speedily on the game.

On his Twitter account, De Jonge revealed new details about the progress of the game. Jonge said players will use a skill tree to upgrade the abilities of the game?s protagonist, Aloy. Upgrading and expanding these abilities require XP which players can earn in many ways including the tactical gameplay.

Regarding the stealth element, the developer says it is undoubtedly an option, but it should not be taken as the ideal way to play the game. The developer has not revealed any details regarding the number of animals and robots players will interact with, but he asked fans to be wary of the water as it is dangerous. Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on February 28, 2017 exclusively on the PS4.

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